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Friday, February 24, 2012

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpet Stains?

Many people are confused about what is the best way to clean carpet stains. When your carpet has been infected by a severe case of multiple carpet stains that even a powerful vacuum cleaner will not get rid of, it is time to look into other methods. But first, let us think about what most of these dark stains might be. Usually, believe it or not, these are food stains. Take a piece of lettuce, for instance. Have you noticed how it turns dark if you leave it in the fridge for too long. It is called oxidation, and it turns the brightest color dark.

What happens with such dark carpet stains? Well they become more and more sticky, and they attach themselves to the fibres of the carpet. The binding might be so strong that even the strongest vacuum cleaner in the house is unable to suck the stains off, thus, they appear permanent. How to clean a carpet then?

So how does one go about removing such dark carpet stains, even the old ones? There are principally two best carpet cleaning methods, two distinct quality carpet cleaning solutions. You can either use a steam cleaner or a carpet shampooer. Let's look into more detail on how each of these two types of home carpet cleaning machine work. You will have a better idea of which carpet cleaning solution might be more suitable for you when you are done reading.

A rug shampoo machine or a carpet cleaner are two viable ways to get rid of these stains for good.

Get Rid Of The Dark Carpet Stains Using A Steam Cleaner

The carpet steamer works on a simple principle that, first, a boiling water turns into hot steam, and that such hot steam will exit the boiler under high pressure with both high speed and high temperature. Both high speed and temperature will be instrumental in hitting that piece of oxidized grime sticking on the carpet fibre, and will both evaporate or liquidize it (via the high temperature), or sweep it off the fibre (via the high speed vapors). Either way, a convenient microfiber cloth that is usually attached to the steam cleaner mop will swipe the removed, evaporated, or liquidized grime away.

The advantages of using a steamer, or a steam cleaner, are that no chemicals are used in the process of cleaning the carpet of stains, and that, by regulating the nozzle and the vapor pressure, different kinds of steam jet can be produced, from broad and shallow, reaching a broader surface and doing the job faster, to thin and deep jet, allowing one to reach more remote places and steam them effectively.

The disadvantage of carpet steam cleaning can be that, despite high pressure and temperature, some stains can just not be removed with this method, even if you turn the pressure and temperature to the max.

Using A Carpet Shampooer To Wash Off Dark Carpet Stains

The carpet shampooer will use the detergent liquid from its clean water canister to initially spray the shampoo water on the carpet, then agitate the carpet using either a circular brush motion, or a vibrating brush, and then suck the mixture of dirt and detergent liquid back into the machine into the dirty water canister.

The advantage of the carpet shampoo cleaner is that by varying the detergent or the chemical you put into the clean water canister, you can remove a wide variety of stains. You can also ruin a wide variety of carpets, so make sure you test your detergent on a separate piece of carpet, or in place where the carpet is not exposed. Even though you can purchase a hot water shampooer, or just place hot water into the clean water canister, typically you will need a lot lower temperatures of the shampoo water to remove the stains than when you are using a steam cleaner.

The biggest disadvantage of using a carpet shampooer stems from the same fact that makes it powerful. It uses carpet cleaning chemicals. If you are a person who will not allow specific chemicals in your home, you should read the ingredients of your carpet shampoo thoroughly. For more green carpet cleaning, or more organic carpet cleaning, you would be better off to steam clean the carpet.

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