Privacy Policy

Nosy Spot has a very simple privacy policy.

1. We collect and analyze log files like most other websites. This helps us deliver more relevant content to our visitors. Log files contain information on the time you visited, on what pages you visited on our site, and on what browser you used while visiting, as well as your IP address. Log files contain no personally identifiable information.

2. We deposit cookies in your browser's file space. This helps us know about your previous visits to our site so we can tailor your visit depending on whether you have seen our website before. Cookies contain no personally identifiable information.

3. We display advertising on our website. Some of that advertising uses cookies, see above, which helps our advertisers better target the ads they serve, to your individual tastes. As an example, we serve ads through the DART network. This network can deposit cookies while you visit other websites and the ads that you see on our site can be related to sites that you previously visited. Dart cookies contain no personally identifiable information. You can remove these cookies from your browser any time.