Monday, March 8, 2010

Borneo Monster Lookalike Reappeared?

Borneo Monster Lookalike Reappeared: The rumor has it that the infamous Borneo Monster Lookalike of the Upper Amazon river in Brazil has reappeared. The species was observed from a helicopter that flew for the Brazilian Forest Service on its usual route from Manaus to Manacapuru, Brazil. The crew made photographs with a small digital camera.

The fossil remains of a 100 ft. snake-like creature have recently been found in the Columbia, S. America area. Some have likened the appearance of the Columbia monster to the Loch Ness monster from Scottland. The likeness to Loch Ness monster ends at the neck level however; while the Loch Ness monster looks more like a long-necked dinosaur with a massive body and four legs, the Borneo monster has a shape of a monster snake that is wiggling as it moves through the water.

Despite being continents apart, the similarity between the Borneo Baleh river monster and the Amazon river monster are stunning. Of course, this could as well be a Photoshop job in case of the Borneo Baleh river monster or on the part of the Amazon River monster.