Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Bill pushed by Barack Obama

Barack Obama is relentlessly pushing on with his unprecedented health care bill or health care nationalization scheme. This seems to be a desperate push and it seems to be coming to an end.

The word that is spoken is health care bill "reconciliation". Other than a desperate attempt at pushing the restrictive health care bill through congress now that the democrats have lost the filibuster - proof majority, what is this "reconciliation"?

Reconciliation: "The reestablishing of cordial relations" or "Getting two things to correspond" in my word dictionary.

Seems to me that during the saga of the health care bill for the past year or so the relations are getting less and less cordial as the newest version of the bill (2700 pages by the way) has knocked out the free medicare payments to Nebraska as agreed in one of the previous "reconciliations". Ya can't treat one state differently from the other, they said... oh really.

Why was it okay to give advances to Nebraska and Louisiana in the previous version of the health care bill (which was only about 1000 pages, almost readable) last year? That was the time, remember, when you needed their votes in the US Senate? And why is it not okay to give concessions now when you need other senators votes for the health care bill "reconciliation".

United States citizens have gotten what they asked for. They wanted a bigger government to "protect" them, they got it. Now that this big government is costing them an arm and a leg, and is ready to take half of the citizen's medicare benefit (that they paid for through taxes working for 40 years or so) away, it just might happen.

Lessons learned?

Just take a good care of yourself, make sure you don't get sick much. As Voltaire said, everyone get back to tending their own garden and we'll be okay.