Monday, March 22, 2010

New Health Care Bill Pros And Cons - Debunked

If you have been curious about the new health care bill pros and cons, you have landed in the right place. I will explain in plain language what the six main pros and six main cons are of the new health care bill. Really, I am debunking all the Pro-s and debunking all the published cons for hiding the real effect, which will be worse.

New Healthcare Bill - Pros

Debunked: everybody will have an option to have a health insurance. This is actually not true. Everyone will be forced through the IRS to have health insurance. The initial penalty for not having one will be over $300. The penalty can go up later, as most government taxes do.

Debunked: Even if a person loses their jobs while they are sick, insurers cannot stop paying the sick. This is nothing new, if you lose your job now, get on COBRA and retain your benefits. Through ERISA, you can even extend the initial 18 months of COBRA to indefinite through individual insurance.

Debunked: People who can not pay for insurance won't have to pay as much money. That is baloney. If you can not get health insurance today, you go on Medicaid. You pay nothing. So when you buy insurance with the new bill, you will pay more.

Debunked: Healthcare is also available for people who are already sick. Healthcare is available in this country to everyone who is already sick, even illegal immigrants. So nothing new here.

In the long run it significantly reduce the medical costs. No government operation has ever reduced cost of anything, rather, the more capable people entrust their affairs to the government, the poorer they become. This country will become poorer, and the cost will go up.

Debunked: There will be increased competition among the health insurance companies. No there won't. The insurance companies who do a better job cozying up to the government will become semi-monopoly and will raise the prices, see Cons below.

New Health Care Bill – Cons: The cons are debunked in the sense that they hide the bigger cons behind the cons mentioned.

Debunked: In 10 years for the first time, it will cost about $100 billion a year – A yearly cost of the Iraq War. They might be an increase in the cost of health insurance, which will make the government estimates too small. Plus, if you are not insured you will pay additional penalty out of your own pocket, see the next paragraph.

Debunked: If you do not purchase health insurance, you will have a 2% tax increase, $300-$1000 a year. There goes your money again. This will be enforced through the IRS.

Debunked: This insurance will be subsidized—but there is no guarantee that the subsidy will suffice for your specific situation. Nice to know. Again, a government official will decide your fate. Better be nice to the government.

Debunked: Tax increase. Example: you are making more than 1/2 mil you will have about a 1% tax increase. That is not all. Everybody without health insurance will see a 2% tax increase.

Debunked: Physicians will have increased access to information about what treatments are most effective for their cost. They will have that anyways. In reality this is just more of the government telling physicians what they can prescribe and what not.

Debunked: If two treatments work equally well and one is cheaper, doctors can recommend that one. That is just a nice way of saying that doctors will be restricted even more your freedom to choose a better drug.

Debunked: Large employers may also have to offer health insurance to more of their employees. If they do not, they may have to pay some extra tax. Obama promised no new taxes. There goes that through the window. Either pay healthcare tax, or pay the IRS.

So there you have it. The New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons - Debunked. Enjoy your new taxes, dear Americans.

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