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How To Apply For A Cash Back Debit Card

How To Apply For A Cash Back Debit Card

By Ven North

If you are looking to apply for a brand new debit card or check card, then in this article we will talk about some simple tips to find the cash back debit card that will best match your anticipated spending and provide you with the maximum rewards.

Perhaps this is your first debit/check card, perhaps you got married and are looking to open a joint checking account. Or maybe you have a budding student heading out of town for college and needs a way to pay for his expenses, while at the same time you need a way to fund his checking account on a regular basis.

Debit/check cards have a distinct advantage over the credit cards in that they discourage out-of-control spending. Up until now, however, credit cards came with distinct perks that made them much more attractive for a consumer like you and I to apply for.

Things have changed recently. There are plenty of check cards out there that will offer significant cash rewards with every "credit" type purchase. So how to apply for a rebate check card like that? There are just two steps: Research the best cash back check card available online, and then either apply online or offline.

Step 1: Research cash back debit cards

There are plenty of reward debit/check card offers from reputable banks, big and small for cash rewards check cards. The cash backs will range from 1% across the board, to 2%-5% on selected, rotating, categories, to as much as 20% on specific merchants. So make sure you do your research. When you have found a check card with a generous cash reward, make sure the ATM machines or bank branches are available in town where you live, or where your student will go to school.

Step 2: Apply for a checking account and a debit card online or offline

Regardless whether you apply online or offline, be sure to get the basic information about the applicants ready, which should include the social security numbers. The advantage of applying in person is that, the bank will be able to do a credit check right on the spot and your approval will be immediate. You will receive a temporary card and documents, and later on, you will receive the cash back Visa or cash back MasterCard check card(s) in the mail.

When applying online, you may have to wait as long as two weeks before the decision about your approval will be communicated to your and before you receive your cards. So be sure to apply for a cash rebate debit card on time.

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