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Saving Money On Groceries - 15 Easy Tips

Saving Money On Groceries - 15 Easy Tips

By Ven North

It is just amazing how innovative people can be when it comes to saving money when needed. In this article you will find out how to save money on groceries without reducing the quality of your food. This might allow you to do other fun things with the money saved, such as go on trips or go to see a movie more often.

There are four big saving money tips in this article, Shop for and pick the right grocery store, Prepare yourself, Shopping, and Back home. See if you can make saving money on groceries fun and profitable for you.

Pick the right store

By shopping around you will realize that some stores go for "flashy" and some stores go for "the substance and value". Go to store that has quality food and low prices. Do shop around. In Southern California, for instance, there is a big difference between Whole Foods stores and Fresh & Easy stores. Both offer a good selection of quality foods made of quality ingredients and many types of organic foods, but the difference in price can be incredible.

What to do before going grocery shopping

Ask yourself: Are there any other trips you can do at the same time, like a trip to the gas station to refill the gas tank?

Decide to shop alone. If you happen to go with someone, even spouse or the kids, decide that each person shops on their own. When the shopping is done, remove the duplicate selections.

Establish a "target total cost" and stick with the usual amount of grocery spending each week.

Have a meal before going grocery shopping, you will buy less.

Make sure you are aware of all store coupons for the week, and take them with you.

Glance at the fridge contents before leaving home. Make sure you never buy an item you still have in the fridge.

Tips for when in store

Don't be afraid of pick the store brand products, give them a try. If you can't taste the difference between the store brand and the famous brand name product, ditch the more expensive brand.

Never buy in bulk. Instead, learn how to enjoy smaller quantities of food, or find creative ways to go without an item if you happen to run out before the next grocery trip. Ditch the mentality that the fridge needs to be always stocked chock full of food.

Look for daily specials on sale; plan to use the items that are expiring, quickly.

At the check out, use the best cash back credit card for groceries that you have.

Tips for when back home

Eat less (see previous). Eating slowly and mindfully will help with eating less.

Eat more of the quality foods.

Eat more fruits. They can be less expensive and more durable than meats and will do your body good.

Ask yourself, am I eating because I think eating will make me feel better or because I am hungry? Eat for the right reason.

Finally, be sure to visit the best cash back cards site and find cards such as the 3% cash back credit cards to save money on groceries and gas.

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