Sunday, August 28, 2011

Replacement LED Under Cabinet Lighting Options

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Replacement LED Under Cabinet Lighting Options

If your last bathroom or kitchen remodel was several years back, chances are that you are set up with the traditional types of lights, such as regular incandescent, xenon incandescent or halogen incandescent, or fluorescent lighting fixtures.

You are looking for an upgrade or replacement of burnt-out (or intermittently functioning) fluorescent bulbs, or perhaps you are unhappy with your electric bill that you feel could be a lot lower if you had the right lighting in place.

Regardless of your situation, LED light manufacturers are well aware that, perhaps you do not want to do a complete kitchen cabinet makeover, and not even a complete light fixture remodel.

You just want to replace a faulty bulb with an energy efficient new bulb! You want replacement under cabinet lighting.

Great! That way, if you choose wisely, and choose under cabinet LED lighting, you will keep the same or similar light characteristics as your previous lights such as under cabinet fluorescent lighting, halogens or xenon lights, all the while reducing the heat output and saving money every time you turn on the light switch.

Let's look at some of the possibilities of replacement under cabinet lighting.

Standard screw base LED replacement under cabinet lights

If you are replacing burnt-out incandescent lights such as xenons or fluorescents, or if you noticed that your CFL (compact fluorescent lights) are taking a lot of time to warm up to the full light output (and you need full light output at the flick of the switch), then standard screw base LED replacement under cabinet lights are right for you. They will use your standard 110V / 120V power.

MR11 base LED under cabinet lights

MR11 stands for Multifaceted Reflector type, 11/8 inch diameter bulb that produces sharply focussed light. These bulbs are typically halogen incandescent, but are today replaced by much more energy efficient LED MR11s.

T8 LED under cabinet fluorescent tube replacement lights

T8 stands for 8/8 inch diameter tubes, typically fluorescent, but now increasingly replaced with T8 LED undercabinet lights.

MR16 base LED under cabinet lights

MR16 stands for Multifaceted Reflector, 2 inch wide bulb with narrow focus.

T5 LED under cabinet fluorescent replacement lights

T5 stands for a 5/8 inch, narrower diameter of fluorescent tube lights.

C7 LED replacement bulbs

These are "Candelabra style" threaded base typically used for night lights and Christmas lights.

GU10 MR16 LED replacement lamps

GU10 stands here for a turn-and-lock base, which ensures that these lights, being high voltage, can not be accidentally interchanged with the low-voltage lights. The 10 in GU10 stands for the distance of 10/8 between the pins.

These are among the most commonly used LED replacement lights. For additional types, as well as to see manufacturers and models of LED replacement under cabinet lighting options, see site For more general information, go to