Friday, September 2, 2011

LED Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights, The Supreme Task Lighting

LED Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights, The Supreme Task Lighting

Are you remodeling your kitchen and are wanting an energy efficient, low cost kitchen under cabinet light option that gives your cupboards a special look, and the cook a usable light to work with? Wouldn't it be awesome if your guests would find your kitchen lights fascinating and marvel about them?

Even if you are keeping the existing cabinets, LED under cabinet kitchen lighting is a modern, energy-saving way to make your kitchen shine in a brand new light, literally.

In this article we will dispell some of the myths about kitchen under cabinet LED lighting. After we have dispelled the myths, you will find it easier to look into the options that you have for selecting best under kitchen cabinet lights.

Myths about LED under counter kitchen lights/under cabinet kitchen lights

  • Myth 1: LED lights are expensive. The person who is giving out this information may be a few years behind the times. Indeed, just a few years back, LED lights were expensive and only appropriate for specialized applications. Today, LED prices have come down significantly, due to mass production, and opening of new factories world wide. Plus, as LED lights can use as much as five times less power than incandescents or fluorescents, they will definitely pay for themselves in just a few years at the latest.

  • Myth 2: LED lights give out unnatural blue light. Again, this was common ten years ago when the LED lights technology and the materials used in manufacturing LED kitchen lights was in its inital phases. Through material research breakthroughs, both "daylight white" (which is indeed blueish), as well as "warm white" (which really is more redish) light hues are available, as are many other color options, including blue, orange, red. Most people will prefer the "warm white" color as it seems to be easier on the eyes at night. This is the same color xenon lights put out, except that LED lights produce just minimal heat. It is important to pick a good light color as it will help you with food preparation.

  • Myth 3: Xenon lights are best for under cabinet kitchen lighting. Xenon lights, just like halogens, and the standard light bulbs are all types of incandescent light. Incandescent lights are notorious for putting more energy out as heat than light. Up to 95% of the energy can be wasted as heat, which can have consequences for kitchen under cabinet lighting, see next myth.

  • Myth 4: Heat output is not important when it comes to under cabinet kitchen lighting. Incandescent lights such as halogen and xenon, and even fluorescent lights put out much of the energy as heat. Halogens are the worst offenders, followed by xenon and fluorescents. If you are storing foodstuffs in the cabinets, using the cabinets as pantry, then the heat from the undercabinet lights will penetrate into the cabinet, causing spoilage of food. Likewise, the light and the heat directed downwards will melt sugar and rise temperature of any food that is located underneath the lights, which, in general, is undesirable.

  • Myth 5: Installing under cabinet lighting is complicated. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, if you do not know how to install under cabinet lighting, LED lights will be the easiest and the safest way to go! As you will see below, you can get away with safe low-voltage fixtures, as well as with battery-powered LED under counter kitchen lights.

These are the myths about under kitchen cabinet lights.

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