Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puck Lighting, How This Patented Technology Shines

Puck Lighting, How This Patented Technology Shines

Why is under cabinet puck lighting becoming so popular? Well, in distinction to other options that kitchen remodelers have for undercabinet lights, LED under cabinet puck light fixtures seem the most versatile and easy to install.

What is LED under cabinet puck lighting?

Puck lighting simply means lights that are encased in a round cabinet of relatively small size and height, such that it resembles the shape and the dimensions of the hockey puck. As opposed to undercabinet strip lighting or multi-LED light fixtures, under cabinet LED puck lights provide well defined light coming from a single source and give better defined shades.

What are the advantages of under cabinet LED puck lights?

There are several:

  • One clear advantage of puck lights is that it is highly versatile. You can space puck lights any way you want, and place as many as you wish under any single cabinet.

  • Another advantage is that the light from puck lights is more localized and directed, therefore it produces better defined shades, which can help in food preparation.

  • Undercabinet puck LED lights come both in wireless, battery operated varieties, as well as in wired, low voltage varieties. With wireless puck LED lights, thanks to extreme energy efficiency, up to 60 hours or more of on-time of battery operated puck lights is possible with just a few AA or AAA type batteries.

  • Wireless puck under cabinet lights are very simple to install. A sticky tape can be all you need, and in worst case, just a single screw will suffice. Plus there are no wires to mess with.

  • Thanks to no wires, wireless puck lights are suitable for expensive cupboards and shelvings, where you don't want to drill holes just to install the lights.

  • Undercabinet puck lights can come with motion detectors enabling further savings of the battery life. Other puck lights come with remote controls, again helping save the battery life by turning the lights on and off easily. Yet other puck lights can be turned on and off by simply tapping on them.

Types of undercabinet puck LED lighting available

There are two basic types, wired and wireless undercabinet LED lights:

  • Wireless undercabinet puck LED lights can have a motion sensor function, or include remote control to turn wireless puck undercabinet lights on and off. Some wireless puck lights feature pivot and swivel functions for directing the light.

  • Wired puck undercabinet LED lights usually use low voltage (12V, sometimes 24V), are very safe, bright, and come with a variety of light tones such as warm white and bright white to choose from, as well as in many finshes such as white, nickel, silver or black.

For more information on wireless puck lights, check out the site http://ledundercabinetlights.org/wireless_led_under_cabinet_lights.html. For additional information on manufacturers, and models of wired puck under cabinet lights, see site http://ledundercabinetlights.org/under_cabinet_puck_lighting.html.