Thursday, April 22, 2010

mobility scooter battery

Why do so many people want a new mobility scooter battery? Simple. Because their old battery has worn out and they want the maximum range on their scooter.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Mobility Scooter Batteries

* Discharge: Gel Cell is preferred for mobility scooter batteries because of its deep cycle life span. The AGM battery will work nearly as well if the discharge rate is not below 50% before it is recharged.

* Range and Use: A battery's size determines its range. By size, we mean the Amp Hours the battery is rated for. A 30 AH battery has a range of approximately 10 miles, while a 98AH battery has an approximate range of 20 miles. Range depends, of course, on how and where you use your wheelchair or mobility chair and what features it has.