Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stair Lift Elevator - Review Of 4 Stairlift Types Like Standing Stairlift To Fit Your Residence

When you live in a large, multi-story house that you love, but your mobility has been impacted enough for walking up and down stairs becomes a chore or downright impossible, then you really want to start thinking about a stair lift elevator. You want to stay in your house, you do not want to move into a single story residence. How can you make your entire house accessible to you? In this article, you will find out about four types of stair lifts or stairlift elevators that will allow you to stay in your beloved home, yet keep access to all floors regardless of your disability.

The four types of stair lifts reviewed are: Chair lift for stairs, Standing stairlift, Perching stairlift, and Wheelchair stairlift. Which one can help you best?

Chair lift for stairs

This is a mobility device that consists of a rail that you install on your stairs, or on the adjacent wall. It further consists of a chair and an electric motor mechanism attached to the rail. The device allows you to safely sit into the chair at a station, and by a simple push of a button, safely transfer yourself upstairs or downstairs. Your normal sitting position will be parallel to the stairs, away from the wall. Many chair lifts for stairs will also include a swivel mechanism to turn you away from stairs upon embarking or disembarking of the chair lift.

Standing stairlift

Sometimes the injury that prevents you from walking upstairs is also preventing you from bending your knee. In such cases, sitting makes little sense. If standing is a good option for you, then a standing stair lift may be a better option. These stair lifts sometimes include a small low depth chair, but they always include safety rails that you can hold on to during the ride. Because standing position is normally less safe than the sitting position, standing stair lift will have special provisions for an extra safe ride, such as no jerky motions, and slower than usual travel.

Perch stairlift

Perch stairlift is a compromise between a sitting chair lift and a standing stairlift. Sometimes you will find a perch/stand stairlift option as well. Perching is safer than standing as you are able to use a seat belt that will help holding you close to the mini seat.

Wheelchair stairlift

Wheelchair stair lifts are often called inclined platform lifts. As the name reveals, they consist of a flat platform that one can drive on with a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. Then, after securely binding the chair to the platform, one can by a push of a button be whisked to another floor together with a wheelchair. Wheelchair stair lift construction is usually quite a bit heavier than chair lift construction, and many times a wall mounted rails will be necessary.

Has your mobility been impacted enough that moving up or down stairs is not an effortless activity anymore? Then consider checking out more information about the four stair lift elevator types on this site: Home Stair Lifts, where manufacturers of several models are reviewed.