Monday, August 1, 2011

Chairlift For Stairs - Keeping Your Home by Equipping it With an Chair Stair Lift For Stairs

When you are faced with a mobility issue or a physical condition that prevents you from walking up and down stairs effortlessly in your beautiful, multi-story home, you are looking at a dilemma that might require considering a chairlift for stairs purchase.


Should you leave your beautiful home and find another that will be a single story only? Should you just forget about the upstairs of your current home, and just stay downstairs?

If your condition is severe enough, you begin to visit the second floor less and less, and each time you do, it brings you pain, and you get exhausted.

Have you seen the statistics that walking upstairs and downstairs is one of the most frequent causes of falls for seniors? And when a senior falls down, the consequences can be dire.

Solution to the dilemma

Is there a solution to this unpleasant dilemma? A solution that will let you stay in the home you love, yet enjoy it in its entirety and not be facing exhaustion and risking a fall every time you visit the other floor in your house?

There is a solution indeed! And it is... Get a Chairlift for Stairs!

What is a chairlift for stairs? Simple, it is a kind of an elevator for stairs where you attach the rail to your stairs, and the electrically powered engine sits on the rail and includes a chair. With this device you can be simply and safely be whisked up or down stairs while significantly reducing the risk of falling.

Warning: Any elevator for stairs that moves up and down stairs is definitely not risk free. However, by following the safety precautions, the risk of falling will be vastly reduced compared to simply walking up and down stairs with a physical condition. Safety precautions with chairlifts for stairs include always wearing a seat belt, learning to use a swivel chair mechanism to safely embark and disembark the chair, and learning thoroughly about the controls of the chair to keep it under complete control at all times.

For more information on various types of chair lifts for stairs that may fit your specific mobility needs, see this website In Home Stair Lifts

Meditek Stairlift SP100 - Load Restriction And Other Incredible Inbuilt Security Features of This Standing Stairlift

When your ability to walk the stairs in your house has been reduced, and you just feel like not going upstairs or downstairs much anymore, a stairlift can be a difference between enjoying your whole house that you know and love, and only using a small part of it, or even moving out altogether.

I can imagine how the thought of moving out of your home can be so unpleasant. But a stairlift can really help. In a situation where either your stairs are very narrow, less than about 30 in., or in case where your current physical condition does not allow you to properly and safely bend your knees, a standing stairlift comes to the rescue. And Meditek Stairlift SP100 is an excellent example of such a standing stairlift.

Let's make one thing clear from the outset: Standing stairlifts are more risky than sitting ones. Why? There is less support, the rider has a higher center of gravity, and there is a higher likelihood of falling off the lift.

It is so much more important then for a standing stairlift to have as many safety features as possible built in. This will reduce the risk of injury or accident to a minimum.

Meditek Stairlift SP100 Safety Features

The Meditek Stairlift SP100 Standing Stairlift delivers handsomely on the safety features. Let's look at them individually:

  • The maximum load is restricted to 100 kg. This means more safety as standing position invites stronger twisting forces on the system. A lower maximum load helps reduce such forces and increase safety.

  • The constant pressure sensor systems will bring the entire stairlift to stop as soon as a single obstacle in its path is detected.

  • Height adjustable hand rails allow for the maximum comfort and safety when riding.

  • No dangerous dangling cables thanks to a safe rack-and-pinion drive system.

  • Overspeed sensor will detect any speed beyond the norm and activate the brakes right away.

  • Failsafe brake will keep the stairlift in place safely.

These are just the most prominent safety features of the Meditek Stairlift SP100.

For more safety features, as well as other details of Meditek products, you can go to this website Home Stair Lift and in particular, visit the Meditek Stairlift SP100 review page.