Monday, August 1, 2011

LED Rope Lighting And LED Strings

LED Rope Lighting And LED Strings Are An Excellent Choice For Incandescent Light Replacement

LED Rope Lighting

If you are looking to purchase LED rope lights for your home decoration, oudoor decoration of your shop or restaurant, you have landed on the right page. We will review the reasons here why LED rope lights are rapidly replacing standard incandescent lights in rope or tube lighting. We will also cover typical applications for LED rope lights, outdoor LED light troubleshooting, and, finally, provide some convenient online places where you can order LED rope lighting conveniently and inexpensively.

After going through the info below you will be in a better position to decide what kind of LED rope, LED tube, or LED string lights to purchase and where to purchase them, as well as how to maintain them.

Why are LED rope lights replacing incandescents so quickly?

LED Rope lights are replacing incandescent rope lights in many applications and outdoor environments thanks to:

  • Their higher degree of weatherproof-ness

  • Their lower energy consumption for the same or higher luminocity

  • Money savings in operation of LED rope lights

  • Larger and more flexible choice of color hues

  • Safer operation due to lower heat, less chance of arcing, thus a lower fire hazard

All of these qualities stem from the fact that LEDs are solid state devices, unlike the incandescent lights, or fluorescent lights, or halogen lights. LEDs being based on semi-conductors, gives them a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to picking the light spectrum of emitted light, reducing the losses due to heating, and longevity of the bulbs themselves. We have pointed out this in the section How Do LED Light Bulbs Work And LED Energy Savings.

The great variety of uses for LED rope lighting

We have seen how LED rope lights are replacing incandescent rope lights in outdoor LED tree lighting.

In addition, LED rope lighting (also called LED tube lighting, or LED string lights) is used also indoors for under and above cabinet LED lighting, ceiling lighting, bedroom LED lighting, kids room night lights, stairs LED lights, emergency hallway lights, and even chair LED lighting.

Outdoors LED tube lights are seen on boats and sailboats, on RVs for external outdoor LED lighting, with car enthusiasts for cars underglow LED lighting, as well as for landscaping purposes for path lights, patio or deck lighting, fence lighting, and, of course, for Christmas landscape and house decorations and holiday decorations of all kinds. Also, numerous weddings, especially at night time, have benefitted from LED wedding decoration lights.

In businesses, LED tubes are used for trendy restaurant and bar LED lighting, background lighting on signage, for LED tree trunk decorations, for channel letter lights, as well as in the entertainment business for DJ light shows and cinema LED walkway lighting.

Troubleshooting tips for outdoor LED rope lighting

When you have already purchased LED rope lights and are using them outdoors, you are probably well aware of the wear and tear that these lights are subject to. The longevity of LED lights does help in making outdor LED rope light installations more maintenance free.

However, rope lights will still show signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the most common ones and their likely sources:

  • Rope LED light failure outdoor: Can be caused by blown fuse, LED diode damage due to heat (despite low power, you must still make sure LED have an appropriate heat sink), and short circuit by rain or snow water.

  • Flickering rope LED lights: Either the rectifier (AC to DC converter) or the power converter is failing.

  • An individual LED light does not light: Bulb failure or line cut.

  • Entire rope dark: System overload, cut wire, or fuse blown.

Where can you get LED rope lights cheaply and conveniently?

Clearly, despite attempts at cutting costs of suppliers by large local distributors, the online companies today can offer larger selection of all kinds of LED lights, and significantly lower prices. We have hand picked some from the wide variety of LED rope lights available online.

To find more specific examples for LED rope lights online, visit the site LED Rope Light.

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