Monday, August 1, 2011

LED Walkway Lights

LED Walkway Lights And How LED Technology Makes Brighter, More Efficient Light

LED Driveway Lights
The new, energy efficient LED lighting technology is briskly finding its way into our homes and yards, and into LED path lights and LED walkway lights. Just a few years ago, buyers of solar path lights, or battery powered path lights complained about dim lighting overall. These buyers perhaps even resigned from ever looking for battery powered or solar lights again. Big mistake. In the past few years, the new solid state highly energy efficient LED lighting technology has reached a point where, both solar powered, and battery powered, motion sensor activated battery lights can be very bright and last a long time on top of that.

In this section we will cover the main reasons why LED lights are as attractive as they are for use as path lights. We will also cover some tips and snags to be aware of when installing or using LED driveway lights. Finally, we will provide links to sites where you can cheaply and conveniently buy these LED path lights.

LED path lights - the sweet spot of LED lighting technology

Full spectrum LED lights: Without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to lighting since Edison and colleagues invented and promoted incandescent light bulb, is the appearance, and viability of energy efficient, full-spectrum LED lighting technology. With the long-coming design of blue LED lights in the 1990's, the 2000's are seeing a widespread use of full-spectrum, including white-light LED technology being used in many places where previously incandescent, fluorescent, even plasma lighting ruled.

Super high light efficiency: The main feature of LED lights pertaining to path lighting is the extremely high efficiency of LED diodes. High efficiency means this: Low wattage produced by a battery, or low-voltage source, or even by a solar cell, will provide sufficient power to the LED lights to illuminate a path in your yard, or a path in your front lawn.

The LED prices are coming down: Now the extra bright LED diodes suitable for LED path lighting are not the cheapest. That is the bad news. The good news is that the prices are coming down, and that, you do not need many LEDs to sufficiently light up a pathway. This is what makes today's LED pathway lights the sweet spot for the LED lights technology. You may not be able to get super-high powered LED flood lights without spending a lot, but you will get bright LED walkway and driveway lights at a good price.

The price is even more attractive when you factor in the longer life of LED bulbs (which is a consequence of the solid state design, and low levels of internal heating), and their low energy consumption.

LED path lights tips

LED light endurance: If you buy from a reputable LED lighting producer you can be assured that your LEDs will last a long time, even outdoors. LED lights are not indestructible, and they can not be immersed in water, but they are highly immune to electric voltage fluctuations, and to mechanical shocks thanks to their solid state design. It is not uncommon for LED lights to last ten or more years.

LED solar lights height: Stand-alone solar LED path lights can be inserted as deep as desired into the ground, if you are afraid of someone pulling them out easy. The biggest issue with LED path lights being too close to the ground, however, is their housing becoming dirty easily, and thus reducing the light output.

Short LED lifetime reports? If you see customers reporting of the short lifespan of LED lights (such as on buyer reviews on Amazon), be sure to check the date of the report. LED lights manufacturing has made huge progress in the past 5 years, so quality reports on LED walkway lights prior the year 2006 do not apply any more.

How to purchase LED parkway lighting

The largest variety of choices of LED lights can be found with the online giant Amazon. In general you will find more selection and lower prices through online warehouses rather than at local Walmart or Home Depot.

To find more information on manufacturers and types of LED path lights that you can find online, see site

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